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Win Inv 2017 Kim Fri 09
BBQ at our Home in Sedona
Win Inv 2017 Kim 01
Welcome to our home in Sedona. The first photos were taken by Kim SignoretPaar the Ladies tours and the BBQ. I am grateful for them.
Win Inv 2017 Kim 02
Bob Ellis, Mr. Passenger Train (Wyoming division Passenger Superintendent) and Dave Turner
Win Inv 2017 Kim 03
Twin Buttes and "The Two Sisters" overlooking the Chapel of the Red Rocks from Our View Portales
Win Inv 2017 Kim 04
Longer View with the Chapel visible middle of left center, and the Two Sisters--the twin spires to the right just over the near house--watching over it
Win Inv 2017 Kim 05
Sharon and Verryl near Becky Zeren in the Sedona Room and out onto the Portales
Win Inv 2017 Kim 06
Sharon and Love of My Life Sharon
Win Inv 2017 Kim 07
Maggie Turner and Diane Bishop of Albequerque
Win Inv 2017 Kim 08
Terrie Frankel and Fred Shinn, hosted a tour of her Hollywood in Sedona home. Terrie is one of the two original Doublemint Twins on TV commercials.
Win Inv 2017 Kim 09
Operators at the table on the Portales: Jim Jordin, Mike Oyaski
Win Inv 2017 Kim 10
Our son's fiancé, Jessica Grahmn with Sharon's Hairdresser, Toni
Win Inv 2017 Kim 11
Ed Slintak, Chuck and Beverly Catania, Dennis Drury, Tom Dill, and Seth Newman at the Conversation Bar in the Great Room
Win Inv 2017 Kim 12
Dick Zeren, Evy and Mike Chipman, and Becky Zeren in the Sedona Room
Win Inv 2017 Kim 13
Dave Stoll, Hans Paar, and Ed Hunter
Win Inv 2017 Kim 15
Sandra, Bartender from France
Win Inv 2017 Kim 16
Dean and Karin Cramblit with Sharon
Win Inv 2017 Kim 17
Dean looks pretty good with those two for scenery
Win Inv 2017 Kim 18
Sharon, Verryl, Terrie, and Fred
Win Inv 2017 Kim 19
Harlan "Buzz" Lenander, Doug Gary, and Kent Shelton of Albuquerque
Win Inv 2017 Kim 20
Chef Craig outside in the summer kitchen
Win Inv 2017 Kim 21
Head Chef Michael in the kitchen at the end of the Great Room looking out the rolling windows on to the Summer Kitcher
Win Inv 2017 Kim 22
Allen Montgomery, head modeler and premier operator (Verryl's indispensable right hand) with Terrie and Fred. Capitol rock in the background
Win Inv 2017 Kim Fri 01
The entrance to Terrie's home, House of the Seven Arches which is perched on a steep hill overlooking Sedona. Front "Beverly Catania, Elaine Slintak, Brenda Jordin (purple), Becky Zeren, Betty McCartney (going up steps), Melanie Schiffman (Blue Top)
Win Inv 2017 Kim Fri 02
Snoopy Rock from Terrie's house (I see two Snoopies, one on top of the big rock and the obvious one separate on the right)
Win Inv 2017 Kim Fri 03 (2)
Some of Terrie's Lucille Ball mementos in her house
Win Inv 2017 Kim Fri 03
Terrie does things right. What, no red carpet?
Win Inv 2017 Kim Fri 04
"City" of Sedona (11,000 full time residents) from Terrie's home.
Win Inv 2017 Kim Fri 06
A little wider view. Ship rock with the "sail" to the far left, Coffee Pot Rock on the right hand edge of the larger formation just left of center (next to the center rock). Look for an old percolator with the spout on the right edge. It is hard to see in this picture; come back and see it clearly from the intersection of Highway 89A and Coffee Pot Drive in the West Sedona area.
Win Inv 2017 Kim Fri 07
In Terrie's living room: Becky Zeren, Betty McCartney (behind Becky), Fred Shinn, Karin Cramblit, Geri Rowlinson (Large chair), Elain Slintak, Jessica Grahmn, Evy Chipman, Eva Catherwood (massage therapist), Beverly Catania
43 year tradition--red roses on her anniversary
The day of the BBQ happened to be our 43rd anniversary, and I nearly always give Sharon red roses. Two dozen this year, because we were so rushed with the meet and her doing the party. She really did well, didn't she?
Win Inv 2017 01
Betty and Bob Butler from Phoenix area with Pete Johnson form Portland. At the Conversation Bar, Ed and Elaine Slintak (Bay Area) with Steve and Melanie Schiffman of Westminster, CA standing
Win Inv 2017 03
Steve Schiffman with Ed and Elaine Slintak 03
Win Inv 2017 05
Diane Bishop of Albuquerque, Bob Ellis of Prescott,AZ with Dave Turner of Albuquerque near fireplace in the Sedona Room. The Pool Table lamps and the fireplace mantle are new; the rest are antiques including the brass organ lamp and the brass étagère, which we had re-brassed.
Win Inv 2017 06
Bob and Jo Burke (nice timing on the photo, Verryl) and Brenda Jordan. The four standing are doug Gary, Buzz Lenander, Dave Stoll, and Kent Shelton, all from Albuquerque
Win Inv 2017 10
View across the Portales and onto the View Portales. The rock at the far right is Court House, and on the left is Twin Buttes.
Win Inv 2017 15
Hans Paar and Verryl Fosnight, Seth Neumann, and Dennis Drury looking away. Tom Dill from Portland (back turned) talking to Stan McCartney from Fullerton, CA.
Win Inv 2017 16
Jim Jordan, Dennis Drury going into house, Hans Paar and Verryl. Verryl, long retired physicist, is acting like he understands recently retired physicist Hans' still ongoing research in The Atacama Desert, a plateau in South America, covering a 1,000-kilometre (600 mi) strip of land on the Pacific coast, west of the Andes mountains. It is the driest non-polar desert in the world. In an observatory at 18,000 feet his team is making years long delicate measurements of the polarizations of the microwave background radiation in an attempt to verify parts of cosmology theory, especially the so-called Inflation very soon after the Big Bang. Verryl seems to be pulling it off. The giant binos behind him are 4" lens diameter Chinese Army binoculars, Verryl uses to scan Cathedral Rock and carries it to a pier on the Observatory deck to use for astronomy.
Win Inv 2017 19
Tom Dill and Stan McCartney standing. Seated are Allen Montgomery (hat), Terrel Tinkler (Prescott, AZ) and Phil Kline who recently moved from Portland to Tuscon.
Win Inv 2017 20
Win Inv 2017 23
Evy Chipman, Betty McCartney and Jim Jordan, standing behind Verryol and Hans, with Mike Chipman walking into the house
Win Inv 2017 24
Seated: Bob and Jo Burke (from back) and Brenda Jordan and Mike Oyaski. The Albuquerque Group is Doug Gary, Dave Stoll, Kent Shelton, Ed Hunter (plaid), and Buzz Lenander with his back turned. Buzz has made a fantastic N scale model of the entire Cheyenne Steam Yard even more complete than mine. He says he is missing 1 track; I am missing 4, but his is also more to scale lengthwise (east to west).
Win Inv 2017 28
Win Inv 2017 30
View out of the house across the Portales to Cathedral Rock
Win Inv 2017 35
Win Inv 2017 37
Betty McCarthney, Hans Paar, Toni, Verryl, Seated in distance, Allen Montgomery then standing Melanie and Steve Schiffman, Tom Dill olive shirt, Stan McCarthney far right
Win Inv 2017 39
French Bartender, Sandra
Win Inv 2017 42
Sharon, Evy and Mike Chipman
Win Inv 2017 43
Bob Ellis and Dave Turner.
Win Inv 2017 45
Nick and Bob Ellis
Win Inv 2017 47
Seated: Bob and Jo Burke, Jim and Brenda Jordan with Mike Osayki, standing at right Mike Chipman and Allen Montgomery
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