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Progress Phase IV 070814 10
Lenny's Passenger House portion of the Cheyenne Round house, about 1/3 of the total. Lenny Wyatt scratch built it and gave a nice clinic on his techniques (Auto Cad, laser cut wood, and printed brick, and assembled by hand. The clinic was on the AZ Div meet of the NMRA, the first 2 day event for the Division, meet on Sat and Wyoming Division Open house and operating session on Sunday with a BBQ at my home thrown in. There are photos of the BBQ and Op Session in the Operating Session Album on this site.
Progress Phase IV 070814 11
This shows the Main Machine Shop behind the turntable in Cheyenne. It was kit bashed from 5 Walthers Cornerstone kits. Attached to it is the Diesel shop that runs into the Tank,Tin and Boiler Shop. Attached to it is the Electric Shop. In the foreground is the Acetylene House and loading dock. Note that in 1957 the two nearer bays of the Main Shop were converted to Diesel bays.
Progress Phase IV 070814 12
Still in Cheyenne, the far building on the left is the Electric Shop seen in the last photo, and blocking most of it from view is the Yard Office. The twin smokestack building is the yard Power House, a major coal user of Hanna Coal (as is the coal dock for Locomotives). On the other side of the Power House is the Plumbing and Blacksmith shop and the low building in the foreground, the Oil and Paint Celler, and to the far right will the Grain Car Door Shop where box cars were lined with paper and the doors covered with paper to seal them shut to carry grain at harvest time. Not much grain is grown on the part of Wyoming that the Layout covers, but a few miles northeast of Cheyenne is the beginning of the wheat country of Nebraska and South Dakota. We were given a great model of a grainery and elevator, but without Wheatland, Wyoming we have no place for it.
Progress Phase IV 070814 13
Still in Cheyenne are the Steel Car Shop, the Transfer Table and the Wheel and Tank Shop. Attached to it is the Woodworking Shop.
Progress Phase IV 070814 14
Still in Cheyenne, behind the Woodworking Shop are some of the tracks to the second Cheyenne Turntable, a 90 foot long one that serves many places in this back yard area.
Progress Phase IV 070814 15
Progress Phase IV 070814 03
Approaching Hanna, Wyoming The Depot is on the right hand main #1 and the freight house and Team Track is off that main also. The Hanna 4 track yard, 3 classification tracks and a Runaround track, is on the left. The other end of the yard leads to the Hanna Mines. The Hanna Road switcher, and RS-2, is on the switching lead. The Hanna job involves bringing loads down from the mines and empties back up, and then delivering the loads to team tracks and coal docks in Medicine Bow, Laramie, Harriman, and Cheyenne as well as the power house in Cheyenne and some local businesses,Frontier Oil Refinery on the East and City Coal and Ice on the West side of town.
Progress Phase IV 070814 02
Here the Hanna yard leads into the mine area. The mains #1 and #2 continue past the Depot and to Sinclair and immediately to Rawlins aroud the corner.
Progress Phase IV 070814 04
Hanna seen from a low flying Piper Cub--they had Cubs in 1957, didn't they? The mains go along a non prototypical "cliff" out on the wide open spaces of the central prairie of Wyoming. Oh, well....Allen's first two bents are temporarily holding up the overpass into the Hanna mines area.
Progress Phase IV 070814 07
This is the coal mining region of Hanna, Wyoming. Who can forget his first 4 x 8 foot layout? Allen and I can't, so he designed this while I was traveling on business. When I got back he kind of sheepishly showed it to me, and even called it a "4x8 layout," and I thought it was great! Something for everyone! There are 3 stub tracks to it, the one on the far left is Mine #3, the center is #2, and the one on the right is #1 with a Mines supply track thrown in. The mine area connects to the Hanna Yard shown later.
Progress Phase IV 070814 08
This if Hanna from the far end, and shows the layout of the mines and track better. The track from the Hanna Yard comes in the center and at a wide place with two treacks is Mine #2. continuing on and up the loop gets you to Mine #1 and the Supply Track, and going further to the end is Mine #3 with 3 stub tracks.
Progress Phase IV 070814 17
I asked Allen to temporarily place the trestle in place in Hanna.
Progress Phase IV 070814 09
Another view of Hanna with Sinclair Oil on past the hills and Rawlins joined to Sinclair. The Hanna yard is on the other side of this bench around the backdrop to the right.
Progress Phase IV 070814 01
This is the first of only 2 adjustments to the track plan we felt we had to make, and this is with 6 operating sessions completed! The new track connecting the left diverging turnout at the lower right corner and the double slip switch at the top center was added, with those two connecting turnouts, to make an additional path through the classification yard of Cheyenne. Before, if, and only if, we ran a lot of Cheyenne locals (we have 3 locals for Cheyenne and out of town staged in the Cheyenne Classification yard, so when those are all run, the Nebraska Job, which takes trains up and down the staging helix through this area to that helix and down to staging (North Platte, Nebraska, it gets very congested with only one through track which also acts as the Classification Man's runaround track. Now there is an alternate path, and BTW, the Denver bound trains can also use it. The original Denver track from the Speer Wye is parallel and to the left of the new track, and it was part of the Cheyenne ladder.
Progress Phase IV 070814 18
Track Additions to Sinclair. The second stub track next to and parallel to the backdrop was added to Sinclair, and the switch lead was extended about 14 inches (new extension still held down by thumb tacks). Without the extra stub track the one stub and the siding, 4th from the bench edge, were the Loads and Empties Tracks for the refinery, so that the alternate main, Track #3 from the bench edge, had to be used as a runaround track. Now the 4 track is the runaround, the 5 (first stub) is for Empties, and #6 is for loads. The extended switch lead will allow switching loads out and replacing them with empties without calling DS and asking for time to work on the main, using the main as a switch lead, never a good practice, especially near the blind curve to the right. Rawlins is beyond the crossovers at the end of this bench. The spot welding machine is on the red cart with the argon cylinder and regulator on the bottom shelf.
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