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David Bohannan, eldest stepson, Verryl (I'll Never Be Too Old to Play with Trains) and Sharon Cook Fosnight
David Bohannan, stepson
Verryl hosting February 6, 2020 Wyoming Division Historical Society Thursday BBQ at Sedona home. Verryl's HO gauge model railroad recreates the Union Pacific from Cheyenne Wyoming to Ogden Utah (486 miles) in 1957. The lady is the wife of one of the model operators at the 6th annual Invitational Operating Meet from out of state. The Invitationals have as many as 50 operators running trains in a prototypical manner simulating deliveries of freight and passengers. The meets are 2 1/2 days long, with the BBQ on Thursday, 8 hours of "ops" on Friday and Sat, and a banquet on Sat evening.
At the Invitational BBQ. Everyone else has eaten it seems.
Sharon at the BBQ--actually she organizes it and hosts it with some help from two professional chefs and waitresses. She also organizes a full schedule of lady's events for the BBQ (Th), Friday and Saturday, all around the resort town of Sedona.
Sharon in the kitchen looking out the opened set of five 6 x 10-foot sliding glass windows on to the portales (patio).
Verryl and Sharon in the Kitchen at the BBQ.
Bob 112010 08 GradL
#2 Son Bob, white shirt and his 26 yr partner Michael. Michael had a stroke in about Sept 2021, and is now in 6 day a week therapies (physical and verbal). They had planned to retire sometime this year, so Bob has retired to care for him. Michael was the head or executive nurse of 2 Whittier hospitals, and Bob was the controller of Weiner Metals , one of the 2 or 3 largest scrap metal firms in the world.
David Birthday Aug 2010 02 resize
Sharon Cook Fosnight and older son David Bohannan on his 50th birthday. Also shown is Rose, the head caregiver for Mom and Dad. Rose with a male caregiver for Dad took care of them 24/7 upstairs on the 3rd floor--2 BR + sitting room and 2 BA. David lived in the 1st floor 1 BR Apt with a full kitchen. We cooked for all 7 of us except for 2-3 meals/wk out.
Sharon Birthday 091814 01 test
Sharon LOML (Love of My Life). We were married in 1974 (for 17 yrs) after meeting at the Golden Lantern Restaurant in Long Beach which I owned for exactly 6 years. It took me that long to go broke--not bad considering we were both drunk for the first 12 of them. Then after 17 years apart we got back together in July of 2007, and have now been married since May 8, 2017.
Sharon Birthday Weekend Parties 2010 01
Before the pandemic we gave many large parties for neighbors and for model railroaders in conjunction with operating sessions on my 4,000 sq foot HO gauge model railroad in its own building in Cornville, AZ 17.5 miles from our Sedona home. This view is from the grand staircase up to the 3rd floor where Mom and Dad lived their last days, passing in 2010 and 2008, respectively.
Sharon Birthday Weekend Parties 2010 05
I made gazpacho for Sharon and some of her new Sedona girlfriends for an all ladies luncheon.
Charlie and Ella Fosnight's wedding Certificate. They were Verryl's paternal grandparents, married January 12, 1910 in Oklahoma,
Charlie and Ella Fosnight's wedding Certificate. They were Verryl's paternal grandparents, married January 12, 1910 in Oklahoma, before migrating up to SE Colorado by horse and wagon in 1917, where they homesteaded on the "dry land" (prairie). Charlie delivered Verryl Sr Nov 17, 1917. V Sr. was a "blue baby" who didn't breath when born. Grandpa prayed and held him and rocked him in his rocking chair until he breathed. Dad had lung cancer in his 70's, and Mom swore to the Dr. that that xray shadow had been there since he was a child. I asked Dad when he first saw a Dr. "28," he said. Denial is NOT a river in Egypt.
The Colorado Fosnight homestead painted by Kula's sister, June. The house was wood covered with roofing paper (tar paper with grit surface). Pa u5kbfshipped the lumber out in a box car from Ohio where he and Ella were originally from. He worked on the railroad before going to Oklahoma to tenant farm then on to Colorado to claim the 1/2 section homestead--AND to escape an Oklahoma cholera epidemic. He worked 5 1/2 10 hour days on the railroad, and hardly ever got back home to see his family til late Sat afternoons, and he had to catch a train early Mon morning to get back to where he was to work that day. No wonder that dry land homestead look32 good!!!
Mom Jan 1, 2002 at 83 at christmas
Kula Fosnight, in Sedona. She died of Alzheimer's Disease in 2010 at 93. Dad was 93 when he died in 2008. I brought them to Sedona December 22, 2006.
Robb and Trish 12/01/07
Verryl's older son Robb and Patricia In Sedona with Eigon*, V's miniature pinscher. Trish was ex-Sharon's older daughter. Robb was 4 years older than his brother, Tod, who died at 25 years old. *Named after particular type of mathematical terms, eigen functions that have particular solutions called eigen values. But then you probably knew that. Yes, 2nd and 3rd wives were both named Sharon. Fourth counting the 2nd one twice. See, I talk in my sleep...and I didn't have to buy new towels.
Birthday VV 67 040709
Verryl's 67th. Pinwheels from Bob and David--my favorite when we 6 were first married and lived in Lakewood CA. (V, Sharon, David, Robert--Bob--Robb and Tod). It was not so much a marriage, but a merger.
P1063784 P1063823 P1063911 P1063947 P1064004 P1064038 P1064082 Bob 112010 08 GradL David Birthday Aug 2010 02 resize Sharon Birthday 091814 01 test Sharon Birthday Weekend Parties 2010 01 Sharon Birthday Weekend Parties 2010 05 Charlie and Ella Fosnight's wedding Certificate. They were Verryl's paternal grandparents, married January 12, 1910 in Oklahoma, DSC_0069 Mom Jan 1, 2002 at 83 at christmas Robb and Trish 12/01/07 Birthday VV 67 040709
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