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Pauls Cath Rock thru swing 01302020
Track Plan Upper Level12_9_1
01 Top level of 2 shown in 50x75 foot building--Cheyenne upper left corner on bench between aisles 8 and 9 and the Cheyenne yard along aisle 0. Tracks 1 and 2 go up Sherman Hill along the wall over aisle 1, and Harriman Cutoff, Track #3 on on bench 1/2, Dale Junction joins 1, 2 and 3 on the end cap and bench 2/3 goes into Laramie on bench 3/4. Medicine Bow and Hanna are on 4/5, and the helix is temporily at the end of 4/5, but to be build 5/6 will have Sinclair Oil and Rawlins, Wyo, and 6/7 and 7/8 will be the Red Desert prairie to the final location of the helix.
Track Plan Lower Level12_9_1
02 Lower level--big helix connects levels, small connects both levels to lower level staging. I have not updated this drawing yet to include the as built configuration of Downtown Ogden in the lower left corner (see #42). Staging is at the top between aisles 8 and 9, Ogden along aisle 0, west out of Ogden is into Echo to the right of bench 1/2, Curvo and Wasatch, Utah is on 2/3, Evanston, Wyo on 3/4 Westvaco Trona mining on 4/5, Green River on 5/6, Rock Springs on 6/7, and 7/8 to the final location of the helix. See 01 description for present temporary location of helix.
OSL and Park city Branch Hidden Track (Level 3)
This is the Hidden Track Level or Level 3 of the Wyoming Division layout. showing the Oregon Short Line (OSL) leaving Granger, Wyo on Bench 4/5 at the center right and looping around back to the left and winding under the lower Level into the Portland Staging Yard on Bench 7/8. Also shown is the Portland Turning Loop under the Helix to turn passenger trains so that they can be returned back toward Granger and beyond heading locomotive first. Also shown is the Park City Branch and the Ideal Cement plant tracks at the lower right, and the probable location of the Reliance Coal Tipple and directing of tracks connecting it to rock springs on the lower level (now Mid Level) Bench 7/8. The mines and start of the Rock springs Wye are also drawn off the edge of the sheet, to be moved into place when completed.
03 Wyo Div Building
03 50x75 foot steel building and 30 x 36 foot garage/shop 1249 S Eastern Drive, Cornville, AZ just S of Family Dollar Store. This view is looking east, so Family Dollar is to left on Cornville Road.
04 Bench Layout 1 03
04 Red painted lines for benches with 41 inch aisles, varying bench widths, and large end caps for mines and other industries.
05 Bench Layout 2 04
05 Yellow stairs up to view mezzanine running length of building 7x50 feet and for Dispatchers
06 Bench Work 05 copy
06 Detaill of "F" frame tubular steel bench skeleton and front hinged wire trays open grid supports 1/2 inch plywood with spline roadbed on top of that
07 Progress 033013 05
07 A bit of Scenery as a test using Bragdon Enterprises geodesic foam product
08 Progress 033013 06 copy
08 Geodesic foam is expensive, but very high speed of application makes it economical. Also very flexible in ability to modify it.
09 Progress 033013 09
09 Main helix in first temporary position after 1st 4 benches (top, left, bottom, and next up on track plan), so track and DCC could be tested.
10 Progress 033013 12
10 Helix in second temporary position after next two benches built with track and DCC installed. 3 benches left to be built inside red lines on floor, and helix will go at far end of the last of those three.
11 Progress 033013 13
11 True mushroom (no benches attached to walls so operators can walk around all benches)--operators on other level or next aisle are hidden from view, just like out on the prairie.
11A Progress 033013 17
11 The obligatory "stoop under." Access to lower level downtown Ogden with 11 industries and 32 car spots.
12 Progress 033013 08
12 Looking up Sherman Hill along Track #3 (Harriman Cutoff) which leaves Speer Wye in foreground (Denver to left in staging), Cheyenne via #4 track in near foreground curving off to left.
12AA Progress 033013 18
12 AA View of Speer Wye from mezzanine. Note stoop under steps and lower level Ogden industrial area access hole in upper level deck. Spline roadbed starts at curve just beyond Cheyenne Tower A turnouts (5 crossovers connecting 4 tracks). Speer is the wye, and Denver route is down past turnout near the tape measure.
12A Chey Pass House Brick Wall and Windows
12A Passenger House walls of Cheyenne roundhouse. Lenny drew them on AutoCad then colored them and printed them to match photos of the Cheyenne prototype. There will be a separate section for the Freight House with more stalls, just like the prototype.
12B Progress 043013 01
12B Early shot of Lenny Wyatt's Passenger House (Passenger part of full roundhouse) showing scratch built wood framework and roofs. West bound tracks are the five to the left beside the Passenger House, and the Omaha track is the single east bound track between the Passenger house and the soon be be built Freight house. In other words, the Freight House will be all the tracks not into the Passenger House except for the left hand 5 and the right hand one.
13 Progress 033013 07
13 View "east" into Cheyenne through Tower A area from Sherman Hill direction (west of Cheyenne). Round house will be just beyond the coal tower. Passenger House is back on Lenny's work bench.
13A Progress 033013 07
13A Higher view east into Cheyenne showing more of the steam engine facility. We are modeling all of it in HO. Coal tower shown just east of turntable and Passenger House. Freight House for freight train locos to come. Large building is the back shop that connects to the Freight House at one end.
13B 030813 Layout Progress 07
13B Cheyenne Turntable and Passenger house (left) and Freight House (right) locations. Large Back Shop building is 5 Walther kits built together as one for the back shop. This view is a better look at the Omaha track east past the Passenger House and past the Back Shop, and at the 5 tracks onto the turntable, 4 out of the coal chute and one that bypasses it.
14 Progress 033013 10
14 Further east view of Cheyenne steam facility. Atttached to the rear of the Machine shop is the Tank, Tin, and Boiler Shops (larger building with sky light and attached to it is the Electrical Shop (only east end visible). To left is Steel Car Shop and Storehouse and the Wheel Shop and Tank Shop separated by the Transfer Table, and beside it is the 2 stall car shop. Not visible is the Wood Working Shop and other sheds served by the 90 foot turntable (not visible here).
15 Progress 033013 07
15 Far east end of Cheyenne on top of staging (lower level) bench. Cheyenne or East Passenger staging yard on left and Cheyenne freight classification yard on right. This is an early picture showing location of 90 foot turntable (in back shop area).
16 Progress 033013 11
16 East Cheyenne Yard in distance with staging below. Power house (two stacks) yard office to its right, and to left of it is the Blacksmith Shop. Electrical panel on upper facia controls access to classification yard from Arrival/Departure tracks foreground behind Machine Shop building. Small panel to turn on or off passenger tracks on Cheyenne Passenger Staaging area on far side of top bench.
17 Progress 033013 16
17 More panels. All turnouts on wide Cheyenne bench (and others hard to reach) are Tortoise machine controlled, and Lenny drew and made the panels which tilt out to reveal the wiring. The rocker switches are accessible through 1" finger holds to avoid being bumped, an idea I stole from Rick Fortrin in Santa Clara. Green LEDs light up for the route selected (straight or diverging), and some pairs of turnouts are synchronized to operate from one switch if they always have to be aligned together.
18 Progress 033013 15
18 More panels and some LEDs can be seen illuminted for the panels powered up. The corked area on the lower level is to be "North Platte," that is the arrival/departure yard in staging to feed trains up the small helix onto the upper level into east Cheyenne as if coming from Nebraska (think Chicago; Marysville, Kansas; Kansas City, St. Louis, New Orleans....). Behind this 8 track staging (1/5 of the main staging) will be the Ogden Ice Dock (6 feet long), Ogden stock yards, and a packing plant.
19 Progress 033013 14
19 More Panels, Tower A and to select route to West end of the Depot. Foreground area will have 3 or 4 industries on the west end of Cheyenne to switch cars into and out of for operations.
20 Progress 033013
20 Staging Panel to route trains into Ogden from the west. Open corked area in foreground is for Ogden UP turntable and roundhouse. 4/5 of staging is on this bench, Ogden Classification, Ogden Passenger staging, Ogden arrival/departure tracks, and unit train stub yard. Altogether over 500 feet of staging tracks for 17 foot trains.
20A 060212 Progress 10 copy
20A Staging helix at end of Cheyenne east (upper level) and staging (lower level). Note upper level passenger train turning loop on top of helix. There is a lower leve loop to turn east bound trains through Cheyenne, so they poiint back west for their return trip from...ahh, Chicago?? There is an west bound loop not visible on the lower level to turn passenger tains heading for the Coast so they can return pointed correctly.
21 Progress 033013
21 Some spline roadbed being glued up while laying flat on the plywood bench. After the glue sets it will be raised up on riser blocks to the model elevation to match the prototype elevation at that location.
22 032412 LorneNoyes 12
22 I bought 1/4" thick sheet cork in 50 foot rolls 4 feet wide and cut in into roadbed with tapered edges. A roll is shown here on a vacuum hold down table I built, a box with a peg board top and a hole in one end for a 6 hp shop vac hose. We cut the cork on a sharp angle to simulate the ballast shape then split the 4 foot piece in two halves so it will bend easily to make the curves.
23 061112 Layout Progress 06 23 copy
23 I also imported 1,000 24 inch T8 florescent light fixtures from China rather than pay the Home Depot or Wall Mart prices. This is the illumination on the cork for the future Ogden Ready Tracks and Passenger tracks at the depot. Both Ogden (now) and Cheyenne have 4 passenger tracks at the depots, because the era is 1957 when railroads were still invested in trying to maintain their passenger business. They did not know it in 1957 but the trend was definitely to airline and auto travel.
24 101012 TV Shoot 07
24 This is the main helix, an oval with 39 inch radius ends with 11 foot long straight sides. It was temporarily in this place which is now Laramie, Wyo, before being moved to the end of the next two benches built. Both temporary places were to have operations and to test track and the NCE DCC system. Guy Forsythe is beside the helix and watching is Barry Adico and Lorne Noyes, all who help on the layout and are operators.
25 080912 Track Test DCC 15 copy
25 An interesting 3 way meet for Operations. Here we find two freights waiting at Dale. Go to the next photo, but first note the elevated spline with cork roadbed. The main bus wires are #10 ga with #18 ga feeders up to the track. The feeders are spot welded to the track with a nice neat and small weld filet and no melted ties. Occasionally at the end of the #10 wire we will go down to #14 ga for a few feet if convenient, especially if we go to a PSX-AR auto reverser or a PSX-4 circuit breaker in the wire chases. In other words the #14 wire is used sparingly and only at the end of a run.
26 080912 Track Test DCC 16 copy
26 Here is the reason for both freights waiting at Dale. A passenger train is coming over the Hill on track #1 running right handed. Go to the next photo, but first note the train coming up from Laramie (foreground) is on the left hand track, that is, it is running left handed.
27 080912 Track Test DCC 23
27 In this third photo the passenger train has crossed over to Track #2 to continue down to Laramie running on the left hand (steeper grade on the older #1 track. When it clears the turnouts, either the #3 freight will follow it down into Laramie, but more likely, to space the trains out more, first the freight up from Laramie will cross over to the #1 track to continue its journey to Cheyenne on Track #2 (It will change to right hand running). Thus Dale is not only a junction to join the 3 tracks, but it is one of 4 places on the layout where the current of running changes from right to left (or vice versa). The others are the east Laramie yard limits, up the Wasatch Mountains east out of Ogden at the Ogden yard limits, and then the change back at Curvo, which is two tunnels bored at different elevations years apart with an overpass just west of the west portals of both tunnels.
28 12 Progress 051013 02
28 In this view the helix has been moved 2 benches to the left after those two new benches were built. The helix has been temporarily attached to those two new benches (far left), and Laramie is now built up where the helix formerly was. These temporary helix movements might make more sense if you review photos 01 and 02. At the far right is the double crossover to change back to right hand running inside the Laramie yard. The kit box is in the middle of the Laramie Tie Treating Plant location (see photo 40 below).
28A Progress 071913 24
28A In this later photo Laramie is nearly complete. The kit boxes are strewn over the site of the Tie Treating Plant which will have narrow gauge tracks. The round house, turntable, and coal tower are in and at the far west end is the stock yards made from 10 kits. Just this side of that between the 2nd and 3rd tracks will be the 6 foot long ice dock. This photo from the mezzanine gives a good idea of the view from there. On the far bench under the blue uncompleted backdrop are #1 and #2 up to Sherman at the far post. #3 is parallel and a few feet from them. The yellow panel is a Tortoise panel to operate the turnouts at Granite on the other side of #1 and #2. Granite was the ballast quarry for UP and a layout industry to operate. Also in this view you can see how the upper layout is isolated from the lower layer--the upper level and lower level operators cannot see each other, because the upper guy is on the 17" riser, and the lower guy is on the concrete floor, and backdrops are between them.
29 12 Progress 051013 08
29 This view is around the end cap west of Laramie and on the lower level. Shown is the partially to be "hidden" Oregon Short Line (OSL) track coming around the end cap under the mains. The hidden track will be exposed for operations on the front with a geodesic foam shell rising up to furnish room to manipulate trains on it in this section. Here a passing track plus a spare track for "arrival and departure" is visible at this location. There is a 2 track small yard/approach tracks leaving the mains on the upper spline, and one leaves the main into a "mouse hole" in the backdrop where the OSL starts (Granger, Wyo). It loops under the mains on the far side of the mouse hole and reverses direction to the single track shown on the lower shelf. This OSL is a very long lead into Portland, OR staging which will be under the main helix, and that helix and Portland will be finally and permanently located to the left of the red cart at the far left of this view.
30 12 Progress 051013 11
30 This is the other side of the "mouse hole" for the OSL, and its loop under the mains and direction reversal can be seen here. The eventual location for the main helix and "Portland" staging will be where the red cart is. That cart, incidentally, holds my jewelers' spot welder that we use to weld the 18 AWG copper DCC feeders to the Ni-Au track--no cold solder joints, no melted ties, and very small beads of fused material. With the OSL and main staging the Wyoming Division is a truly transcontinental railroad from Chicago or New Orleans in the east to LA or the Bay area in the west and Portland in the Pacific Northwest. We don't plan on running around no Christmas tree.
31 12 Progress 051013 09
31 This is around the same end cap showing the spline and cork roadbed of the OSL. The two mains above it will be mountains with the prototypical 1 mile+ long Aspen and Altamont tunnels just west of Evanston, Wyoming (13 and 17 feet on the layout). These tunnels will be accessible from the upper level aisle to the right or through a hinged hatch at the end from the concrete floor (which will eventually be carpeted) of the lower level. The very thin and rugged hard shell of the Bragdon Enterprises Geodesic Foam makes this easily possible. Also shown are some of my Chinese light fixtures. See me before you buy any--I have lots left.
32 Progress 062013 18
32 This is another view of the same end cap looking down from the mezzanine stairs and looking east toward Laramie and the stock yards in the middle. One of the crossings of the Laramie River will be between the stock yards and the ice dock which will be between the 2nd and third track from the right just beyond the stock yards. The Rock River will be bridged in the center of this end cap and Medicine Bow, Wyo is at the right with team track and small stock yard. The foam insulation supports for the Geodesic Foam can be seen with Hermosa Tunnel at the left. Some hard shell is on the left also. The rag on the end cap has no significance whatsoever, but the nature of the true mushroom configuration can be seen well here. Greg White is on the riser elevated 17" above the lower level concrete floor, and the backdrops block the view up and down. Greg, Allen, and I built all the benches up to these two new ones on the right together, but Greg built these two alone.
33 Progress 071913 01
33 This is Cheyenne from the north of the tracks and looking from the curve at Cheyenne yard and out west toward Sherman Hill to the right and around the next curve in the distance. This also shows some of the buildings in Cheyenne from the other side. Lenny had a lot of trouble with the Walthers transfer table and sent it back to them a couple of times before he got it working, so it is out for repair at this point. Shown here is the full Car Shop on this side of the transfer table (see #39).
34 Progress 071913 02
34 This is Cheyenne from the same corner looking east along the 4 track Cheyenne passenger staging yard and the Cheyenne freight classification yard. The main helix temporary position can also be seen. When we start construction of our last 3 benches, it will be moved to the end of the open area at the far end of the room for its final and permanent position
35 Progress 071913 05
35 At the right can be seen tracks #1 and #2 up Sherman Hill, and in the center back down into Laramie. Between them Track #3 can be seen going to Dale at the far right end. Laramie is in the left center, and nearer to the camera is the Speer Wye. The track off the left corner of the wye is the track south to Denver. UP trains get to Denver by leaving Cheyenne west and going down to Speer (effectively the beginning of the Harriman Cutoff) and taking the wye south. If they take the wye west they are technically on the Borie Cutoff which turns into the Harriman Cutoff. We do not model Borie. This layout is not large enough! The shelf up to the right hand wall is built over the concrete floor aisle that serves the lower level bench. The true mushroom character of the layout is not violated by this shelf, since the aisle is still there, and the new upper level shelf over that aisle is still served by a riser aisle. Note that the east route Laramie to Denver (staging) bypasses Cheyenne as in the prototype.
36 Progress 071913 15
36 This is a good bird's eye view from the mezzanine of Cheyenne from the turntable and over the steam facility. the riser with the small ladder on it is built for the upper level, and the tip of red paint on the floor for the 3 benches to be built can just barely be seen on the concrete floor under the trash can.
37 Progress 071913 21
37 Using my new 11-19mm lens for super wide views, this view is from in front of the restrooms (see 01 in this album for room layout). The staging helix is in the right foreground and the main helix is temporarily at the end of the last benches built, so at this time the complete railroad is from the staging helix, through staging, through Cheyenne on the top, up Sherman Hill, down into Laramie and on to Medicine Bow, and (temporarily) ending at the main helix in the middle of Hanna, Wyoming. After going down the main helix a train returns on the lower level, past the trona mines of Westvaco, past Granger (OSL Junction), through the Altamont and Aspen tunnels, Evanston, Curvo, Utah (2 tunnels and overpass), Echo Canyon through Echo, Utah, and down the Weber Canyon along the Weber River, and into Ogden and on to the main staging. Our next major construction will move the main helix to the painted balloon on the floor under the chair and attach it to the last 3 benches in the remaining space.
38 12 Progress 092613 02
38 This shows the beginning of the Ogden Ice dock that will be on the lower level. Allen is building it from 3 kits. It will be about 9 feet long on the layout, but he will have to fit it between two posts that support the upper deck bench, so he has 8 feet of it here. It is a unique kitbash project to make the two 1 1/2" square steel posts part of the ice dock, so we'll have to wait to see how he does it.
39 12 Progress 092613 03
39 Lenny finally got the transfer table working after much hassling of Walthers. This is a view of it from the south of the Cheyenne Steam Yard flanked on the left (west) by the Steel Car Shop/Store House and on the right by the Wheel and Tank Shop and the Wood Working Shop on the far right just before the 90 foot turntable on the east end of the Cheyenne Yard. The brass models in the rear belong on the lower level in Ogden.
39A 12 Progress 092613 36
39A This shows the back side of the Wood Working Shop and the 90' turntable. We added this turntable, which was probably one of the original ones in Cheyenne (probably rebuilt and modernized from the early 1900's), because, like the prototype, it provided convenient, compact access to all the structures from the back side. The 126' turntable is to the left. On the real yard there is a lot of room between this turntable and the wood shop, and a Car Shed and two Storehouses have been eliminated from the model. Even in a 50x75foot building, "This layout is too small!" The Car Shop that should be in this space has been moved to the left and is in back of the transfer table. See #39 before.
03 Phase III Construction

03 Phase III Construction

03 Phase III Construction
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04 Phase IV All Track Done--Details

04 Phase IV All Track Done--Details

04 Phase IV All Track Done--Details
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05 Structures

05 Structures

05 Structures
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06 Wyoming Division Operation Sessions

06 Wyoming Division Operation Sessions

06 Wyoming Division Operation Sessions
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07 Fall Invitational Nov 12-14, 2016

07 Fall Invitational Nov 12-14, 2016

07 Fall Invitational Nov 12-14, 2016
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08 First Annual Winter Invitational

08 First Annual Winter Invitational

08 First Annual Winter Invitational
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09 Backdrops Signals Scenery

09 Backdrops Signals Scenery
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10 Backdrops Signals Scenery

10 Backdrops Signals Scenery
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11 2017 Winter Invitational Meet BBQ

11 2017 Winter Invitational Meet BBQ

11 2017 Winter Invitational Meet BBQ
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12 2017 Winter Invitational Meet Ops

12 2017 Winter Invitational Meet Ops

12 2017 Winter Invitational Meet Ops
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13 Winter Invitational 2017 Lenander Photos

13 Winter Invitational 2017 Lenander Photos

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14 2018 Fourth Winter Invitational

14 2018 Fourth Winter Invitational

14 2018 Fourth Winter Invitational
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16 Spring Invitational (5th) Ops Meet

16 Spring Invitational (5th) Ops Meet

16 Spring Invitational (5th) Ops Meet
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17 Photographing the WyoDivOps 12/14/19

17 Photographing the WyoDivOps 12/14/19

17 Photographing the WyoDivOps 12/14/19
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18 Ops 121419

18 Ops 121419

18 Ops 121419
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19 Photos "Lightweight Ops Article"

19 Photos "Lightweight Ops Article"

19 Photos "Lightweight Ops Article"
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20 Scenery and Structures June 2020

20 Scenery and Structures June 2020

20 Scenery and Structures June 2020
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21 Wyoming Division Scenery

21 Wyoming Division Scenery

21 Wyoming Division Scenery
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22 ABS Signals

22 ABS Signals

22 ABS Signals
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23 Structures During Pandemic

23 Structures During Pandemic

23 Structures During Pandemic
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24 Post  Pandemic August 2022

24 Post Pandemic August 2022

24 Post Pandemic August 2022
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25 How We Operate-Fall 2022

25 How We Operate-Fall 2022

25 How We Operate-Fall 2022
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Pauls Cath Rock thru swing 01302020 Track Plan Upper Level12_9_1 Track Plan Lower Level12_9_1 OSL and Park city Branch Hidden Track (Level 3) 03 Wyo Div Building 04 Bench Layout 1 03 05 Bench Layout 2 04 06 Bench Work 05 copy 07 Progress 033013 05 08 Progress 033013 06 copy 09 Progress 033013 09 10 Progress 033013 12 11 Progress 033013 13 11A Progress 033013 17 12 Progress 033013 08 12AA Progress 033013 18 12A Chey Pass House Brick Wall and Windows 12B Progress 043013  01 13 Progress 033013 07 13A Progress 033013 07 13B 030813 Layout Progress 07 14 Progress 033013 10 15 Progress 033013 07 16 Progress 033013 11 17 Progress 033013 16 18 Progress 033013 15 19 Progress 033013 14 20 Progress 033013 20A 060212 Progress 10 copy 21 Progress 033013 22 032412 LorneNoyes 12 23 061112 Layout Progress 06 23 copy 24 101012 TV Shoot 07 25 080912 Track Test DCC 15 copy 26 080912 Track Test DCC 16 copy 27 080912 Track Test DCC 23 28 12 Progress 051013  02 28A Progress 071913 24 29 12 Progress 051013  08 30 12 Progress 051013  11 31 12 Progress 051013  09 32 Progress 062013  18 33 Progress 071913 01 34 Progress 071913 02 35 Progress 071913 05 36 Progress 071913 15 37 Progress 071913 21 38 12 Progress 092613 02 39 12 Progress 092613 03 39A 12 Progress 092613 36
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