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Item information:

SUNP0964 (Mule deer doe and her fawn beside retention pond in down side of our 1/2 acre lot on a hill (small mountain) in Sedona AZ.)
SUNP1122 (Same doe)
SUNP1123 (Same doe.)
SUNP0954 (Probably another doe taken another time (night) with a different camera. I have 4 set out around the house, and I check the card memory about once per month.)
SUNP0299 (Capote on  east side of house.)
SUNP0406 (same)
SUNP0407 (same cayote.)
SUNP0119 (Back at the retention pond at the front of the house. Mule deer here on the desert are smaller than we had in mountains of Wyoming.)
SUNP0120 (Same. He's probably looking for the shutter sound)
SUNP0153 - Copy (Medium sized Javalina back at the east side of the house. There is no water here, but I set the camera pointing down the small draw)
SUNP0154 - Copy (same javalina)
SUNP0193 (Coyote at east side of house at the beginning of the draw)
SUNP0196 (Polecat aka skunk)
SUNP0298 (Same coyote. I got the photos out of order.)
SUNP0406 (same)
SUNP0407 (same)
SUNP0522 (Cayote on rthe west side of house. Iron railing is our dog run, and Fluffy is about 17 pounds, so we always walk out with her.)
SUNP0579 (deer)

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