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Item information:

Pauls Cath Rock Lum4 Sunrays 01292020 (Cathedral Rock from Portales post processed with Sky Replacement filter of Luminar 4 by Paul Saumure of Long Beach)
Pauls Cath Rock thru swing 01302020 (Another Sky Replacement by Paul)
Picture 234 PP Excel SR DSky 3 02022020
Picture 183 PPExcel 02022020
Picture 127 (Capital Rock  Nikon D80 no Post Processing)
Picture 127 PP Excel 02042020 (Same photo Post Processed 02042020 Luminar 4
My Nikon/Pauls Edited)
Picture 222 (Home and Observatory)
Picture 029 (Cathedral Rock(s) from the west. Our home is 90 deg to left from it)
Picture 060 (no name just some rocks on Red Rock Loop Road)
Moon over Sedona  005_101507 (Moon rise over Twin Buttes from our Portales (covered patio). Red Rock Chapel is behind tree, and it is overlooked by the Two Sisters)
Picture 116 (Our house from the short private entrance road and our clam shell observatory)
Picture 222  PP Excel 02042020 (PP with Luminar 4 per Excel sheet My Nikon../Paul Edited   With Late Summer 09 (15) AI Sky Replacement)
Picture 126 (Bell Rock early evening)
Picture 034 (Cathedral Rock(s) from Lower Red Rock Loop Road, Twin Buttes on left with Two Sisters on its slope)
Picture 125 (Courthouse  Butte)
P1000465 (Sunrise over Twin Buttes, Courthouse Butte, and Bell Rock)
P1000383 (Part of Ship Rock from Midgely Bridge on Hwy 89A north of Sedona's uptown shopping area)
P1000393 Coffee Pot Rock (Coffee Pot Rock)
P1000470 Nov Sunset 1of3 (Over 180 degree sunset 1 of 3)
P1000469 Nov Sunset 2of3 (Over 180 degree sunset 2 of 3)
P1000471 Nov Sunset 3of3 (Over 180 degree sunset 3 of 3)
Snowy Morn 011020 FS Lum3 SE (The morning after a light snow Dec, 2020)

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