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Item information:

12 Progress 092613 09 (001 Frontier Refinery in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Scratch built by Verryl Fosnight using two kits and scraps and all sorts of bench junk.  Towers made from plastic champagne futs joining two PVC plumbing tubes with sprue scraps and wires for exterior pipes.  Other shapes cut and sanded and stained and painted from poplar.  Loading dock made with jig.  Coke bottle caps, scraps, and Evergreen plastic all used.)
12 Progress 092613 10 (002 Frontier Refinery in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Old computer parts, rebar, BX cable sheath, anything used)
12 Progress 092613 11 (003  Frontier Refinery (Cheyenne) base is 49 x 15 1/4 x 19 3/8" wide at east (west) end)
16 Progress 111413  16 (004  Frontier Refinery (Cheyenne) east end of Cheyenne yard, staging below accessible by small helix 36 1/2" radius with 3 ft straights.  Note turning loops (third tracks) top and bottom for passenger trains at east "end" of layout (Cheyenne) and "west" end (Ogden).)
12 Progress 062013  30 (005 Cheyenne "Passenger House" portion of round house, scratch built by Lenny Wyatt from wood and Paper printed bricks.  Custom window frames and panels from custom lazer cut plywood from AutoCad drawings by Lenny.  Partially built shows model fidelity to real construction methods.)
12 Progress 062013  32 (006 Cheyenne Passenger House round house window details and doors.  Note brick work printed on paper and wrapped around "Pillars" of walls)
16 Progress 111413 Pass House 02 cropped (007  Lenny's Passenger house with doors, roofs, and vents and blowers installed.  "Freight House" will go on foreground space as a cutaway model to show interior details and allow access to turntable on 84" wide bench)
Progress 071913 15 (008  Back Shop kit bashed from 5 Walther kits, and spare parts used for other Cheyenne buildings, Electric Shop, Blacksmith Shop, and car shop.  Yard office and power house (kit bashed from two Walther kits, and other scratch built models, all by Allen Montgomery)
12 Progress 092613 04 (009 Laramie Tie Treating Plant on Wyoming Division.  Scratch built and utilizing old kits from other layouts, with Retort Shop, Engine House, Office/Fire Station, ans Saw Mill, raw fresh cut ties and creosoted ones stacked by siding.)
16 Progress 111413  07 (010 City Ice and Coal in Cheyenne built by Raymond Kukulski of Village of Oak Creek.

Also Scratch bult Cheyenne Stock Yard building by Allen Montgomery.)
Progress 071913 22 (011 Laramie Stock Yard feeding and resting stock area for UP.  Raymond Kukulski of Village of Oak Creek made this from 10 Walthers kits supplied by Verryl)
Progress 071913 17 (012 Early photo of Downtown Ogden scratch built by Allen Montgomery.  An approximately 30 ft sq "switching puzzle" part of the Wyoming Division with 13 industries and numerous facing point and trailing point turnouts to negotiate.  Actually, SP territory, UP brings cars from Ogden at the left to an SP interchange yard for SP to set out.  Empties are returned to the interchange track for return to UP.)
Progress 071913 25 (013 Back side ((viewed from north) of Cheyenne Steam Yard showing car shops, transfer table, old 90 ft turntable, and Carpenter shop.)
Progress 102913 02 (014 Ogden Sperry Flour Mills and Albers Mills, Snuff Candy scratch built by Allen Montgomery)
Progress 102913 03 (015 Sperry and Albers from east end in Ogden.)
16 Progress 111413  03 (016 Later view of Cheyenne from North.  Note Brass coal tower in Ogden on lower level)
16 Progress 111413  05 (017 Ogden Yard with brass as yet unpainted coal tower.  Note place holders for Depot, Freight House and Annex)
Progress 10Garage Shop 100814 02 (018 Wycon Chemical just west of Cheyenne towards Shermal Hill.  Fertilizer in 1957, later explosives by Dyno Nobel Co.  Model is approx 55 inches long and scratch built by Allen Montgomery.)
Cheyenne depot 1 (019 Cheyenne Depot scratch built by John Busa of New Jersey who offered them to me for sale from his retired huge layout.)
Cheyenne depot 3 (020 Cheyenne Depot scratch built by John Busa closeup of street side.  This side will be above eye level hanging over the Odgen yard aisle on the lower level, perhaps visible from the Cheyenne upper level in a large mirror on the wall.)
Cheyenne depot trackside (021 Cheyenne Depot scratch built by John Busa.  This will be the side most easily seen on the Wyoming Division layout.  It will be suspended on a new shelf extending out from the bench level of the Cheyenne yard over the Ogden aisle about 74" above the concrete floor.)
Rawlins depot 1 (022 Rock Springs Depot scratch built by John Busa.  This is the street side to be seen only above eye level.  Perhaps a mirror at 45 degrees to level could show it from the concrete floor 74 inches below.)
Rawlins depot 2 (023 Street view of Rawlins Depot.)
Rawlins depot 3 (024 Front door of John Busa scratch built model of the Rawlins Depot.)
Rawlins depot 4 (025 Another street view.  I am sure I can get this visible with a mirror.  I must!)
Rawlins depot trackside 1 (026 Rawlins Track side of depot by John Busa.  This side will be easily seen across the tracks.)
Rock Springs 2 (027 Rock Springs Depot from hard to see street side.    I will have to cut through the backdrop into the aisle at knee level and build a polypropylene box to house about 1/2 of this model in.  It will then be visible from all sides. albeit from a second aisle on the upper level.  Rock Springs is on the lower level on the Wyoming Division, although the walk between the tow views , front and back, will not be but a few steps.)
Rock Springs 3 (028 Rock Springs Depot Scratch Built Model by John Busa.)
Rock Springs trackside 1 (029  Rock Springs Depot to be seen from track side on the lower level, visible on the lower level.  The far side will be seen on another aisle on the upper level through a window box.)

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