Albuquerque Monte Vista Greeley by Verryl V Fosnight Jr
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Toward the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert
Rainbow Forest Visitor Center in Petrified Forest. These are more crocodile than dinosaurs
Rainbow Forest Museum Looks like 1930s WPA construction
Rainbow Forest logs strewn all over
Cloudy overcast day with a bit of rain interrupted our walk
Before it was a National Park or Monument, scavengers would dynamite the logs to get crystals and jasper
Splotches of Painted Desert all over
I had forgotten how large the petrified logs are
Can you imagine dynamiting these priceless reliques trying to get inside to get crystal and jasper?
Painted Desert and wildflowers
taken from car window while Sharon drove. rainy overcast day, colors not to vivid
Colors do not show well this cloudy day--note rain drops on car mirror
To Jasper Forest in Petrified Forest
Painted Desert surrounding Jasper Forest
Painted Desert surrounding Jasper Forest
The old man of the Jasper Forest
He was here the whole time we were walking down and taking lots of photos and back. It's his spot to beg, I guess
dry water channel under Agate Bridge to left. Note water erosion in soft rock
The Petrified Forest and Painted Desert straddles I 40 in western Arizona. This is still the southern section headed north toward I 40
just a little clear sky adds a lot of light to brighten it up
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