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We ended the First Wyoming Division Winter Invitational at Relics in the Lawson Room for a Hand Carved Prime Rib Dinner 2/7/2015. this is the room before we came in.
Lloyd Lehrer of LAMRS provided these photos of the Introduction to UP Ops on the Wyoming division
Lloyd Lehrer of LAMRS provided this photo
Lloyd Lehrer of LAMRS provided this photo
2. Before the Friday Session (1st Day). Host Rich Neuland, Sedona Visitor for the day, Roger Miller, Tom Hiscox, Regular Operator, Ted Stephens DS for the day. Ted got his DS credit for his MMR this day at the Wyoming Division
3. Phil Klein--Plaid shirt (Portland), Fren Eisenthal--Red Shirt (So CA moving to Prescott), Please add others in Comments
Kent Shelton, Albuquerque
___(Not Sure), Bruce Morden (Santa Barbara), Phil Klein (Portland), not sure rear with cap or 2 on the right Probably Fred still down on the floor at Evanston
Dan Castillo ? to left in front of Jerry Riggins of Camp Verde/Phoenix, Ed Slintek ? (Albuquerque), blue shirt ? and Bob Burke under handing sign of Rimrock, AZ
Allen Montgomery on Cheyenne Riser (Cottonwood), Matt Menker hiding in staging (LA Model Railroad Society)
Steve Schiffman (Westminster), And David Parks with dark plaid shirt (I think), may be Buzz Lenander (Albuquerque blue shirt thru Helix at E Green River
Yup, Daivd Parks of Bay Area blaid shirt behind Steve Schiffman, Allen Montgomery with hat framed by window
Standing, Lenny Wyatt (Cottopnwood) Gred White (Cornville) Jim Bright HD apron (LAMRS), Ron Varnell (LAMRS), David Doiron Phoenix PSA Region OpsRep, ??Green shirt
Back in Staging Top to B, Jerry Riggins WDHS, Steve Menker, Matt Menker (both of LAMRS), Raymond Kukulski, (Village of Oak Creek)
Jason Hill with Cap, Stan McCartney light blue shirt (Westminster), Dark blue Shirt ?? Lloyd Lehrer Black LAMRS shirt, Steve Menker, both in staging, Jerry Riggins of Camp Verde looking on from Ogden.
Steve Hatch of Prescott, AZ and WDHS walking past same group as in last photo
Front to Rear: Phil Klein (Portland), Bruce Morden Gary Seigal's Ops Mgr in Santa Barbara, Bob Butler WDHS, Green Shirt, David Parks HD Apron.
Guy Forsythe (Sedona) WDHS used to operate on Alan McCellan's famous now torn down RR--in Echo. He usually does Laramie or DS or GR on Wyoming Division--finally got to run a train.
Fred Eisenthal, from Thousand Oaks but moving to Prescott this spring has already found the best place to hide on the layout, Evanston. Not much goes on there.
In contrast, Green River is always busy. Seth Newmann is YM today
Rock Springs on both sides of aisle. Dave Turner in foreground and Jim Bright of LAMRS
L to R, David (our son), his friend Jen, Sharon Phil Kline, Dave Turner behind Allen in the fishing shirt
Rear of the table, Ron Varnell and Lloyd Lehrer to his left of LAMRS, and across from Lloyd is Bruce Marsden and his wife, Steve Schiffman in green shirt right foreground
Rear of table, Bob Butler and his wife (hidden, Lorraine Neuland and Rich across from her, and her son and friend just in from LA
Bod Butler, Bob Ellis (Mr. Passenger Train, and Rich Neuland and son and friend
Tom Hiscox from Payson and 2 of our HS Boys (Joseph Remy). Greg White and Lenny Wyatt across room in center
Terrel Tinkler, Jerry Riggans of WDHS, and Fred Eisenthal, and ??? HS boys in background, Joseph and Spencer
Back to window, David Parks, Ed Slintek, and wife Elaine
other side of table,
Allen Montgomery with hat and his date Elana, Buzz Lelander, Kent Shelton, Dave Turner
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